Breaker/Broken (Stories of the Heart) with Nima Kharrazi and Michelle Miracle

Hosted by two exes (Nima Kharrazi and Michelle Miracle) whose breakup was the catalyst for a live storytelling show in LA about heartbreak, this podcast is a combination of interviews and recordings from the live show where guests open up and talk about heartbreaking moments.
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Dec 11, 2018

Nima and Michelle discuss Holiday heartbreak involving cancer, exes and cats. 

Stories about the power (and DANGER) of a maybe, open relationships, and beautiful friendships. 

Stories from: Hannah Williams -

Hannah Williams is one year strong in LA moving here just last year from Chicago. A graduate of Chicago's Second City, she has studied improvisation and sketch writing and has gotten into storytelling in Los Angeles. She has performed at the Moth and various other shows throughout the city.

James Crosby 

James grew up outside Boston, Massachusetts as a fairly straight-laced church going Catholic boy. A career in the arts and life in Los Angeles changed that drastically and not necessarily for the best. James come to terms with the hearts and promises he's broken and hopes you can forgive him. Or drag him into the street and stone him. That's a fair reaction too.

You are more likely to see James selling school food to lunch ladies than in anything on stage or screen. His career began in theatrical construction, morphed into improv and acting, and has now settled where mediocre actors go to make a living: SALES. He stumbled into story telling when a gracious friend bailed him out of a really terrible stand up routine. What a blessing because he tells lots of stories and his friends are happy he's practicing. He's told stories for the Moth, T+T, and comedy shows in Boston and LA.

Marry Patterson Broome T/IG: @MaryPattersonB

Originally from Mobile, Alabama and now residing in Los Angeles, Mary Patterson (that’s a double-name, y’all) Broome has performed at clubs, colleges and casinos all over the country ever since her starring role in the elementary school classic, “Crosspatch and Cupid.” She has entertained US troops in the Middle East and written for WE TV’s Sex Box, AOL’s Making a Scene with James Franco, AfterParty Magazine and Women’s Health Magazine Online. She is a graduate of Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and loves making smoothies in her spare time.


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