Breaker/Broken (Stories of the Heart) with Nima Kharrazi and Michelle Miracle

Hosted by two exes (Nima Kharrazi and Michelle Miracle) whose breakup was the catalyst for a live storytelling show in LA about heartbreak, this podcast is a combination of interviews and recordings from the live show where guests open up and talk about heartbreaking moments.
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Nov 27, 2018

Nima and Michelle discuss letting go of THINGS from past relationships.


Joe Quint (, T: @joe_quint) is a comedian and storyteller in Los Angeles from Newton, North Carolina.  He hosts and produces the podcast “Choose Your Own Religion”, interviewing comedians, artists, preachers, and more about their spirituality, as well as a live storytelling show also called Choose Your Own Religion—”the Moth with religious stories”—produced at Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church in Pasadena.  He also runs the Copper Still Comedy show every Tuesday night at 8:30 at the Copper Still bar in Koreatown.

Erin Jourdan (T: @erinimus)  is a writer, editor and teacher living in Los Angeles. Her writing focuses on the fantastic, often creating paracosms, or imagined worlds that have their own language, customs, and rules. She also works with the concept of blind spots, the idea that there is a limit to human perception, yet we feel more than can be quantified. She thinks of writing as "creating clothing for ghosts." Or as the German photographer Oliver Boberg stated, "I try to build set decorations for a film which is inside the people." She collects ideas, post-it notes, to-do lists, fragments, curious words, photographs, anecdotes and overheard verbal musings and spins them into the stories you see here.

T.J. Peters (, T: @tpeters) is a humorist of little note. His screenplays have advanced in competition at the Austin Film Fest, Final Draft's Big Break, Bluecat, and others. His prose and poetry has been published by Rattle, UCLA's Journal of the Arts, No Extra Words, and is forthcoming to ELJ Publications. He considers himself an amateur falconer, but there is not evidence to support this claim.

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